I love my Wenders. She’s hilarious. Original. Slightly wild—okay, sometimes very wild–with views that run across the knap of mine in the best, fun-inducing way.  She’s got the soul of a wide-eyed child and the brain of a fifty-year old college professor who sits up sipping wine and reading something much cooler than Steinbeck.  She’s a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal who is happiest when she’s surrounded by a club of boys (which is not uncommon)–and occassionally, her skirt-wearing gal pals like Ruth.

Recently, she moved to Washington, D.C. to live closer to her sister (whose baby’s due soon–and it needs an Aunt Dub-Jay [Wendy Jane]).  She also just moved back in with her old college roommate, Beth, who is working near D.C.   In her new situation, Wendy’s now looking for work, stability, and a way around the public transportation system as she settles into her new town, the aptly named “Chocolate City.”  She probably spends her time looking for chocolate, too–in more than the literal sense.

Read her blog here, which will run the hilarious/insightful gamut of topics from social issues like illegal drugs and dating to deep thoughts on theology.  She might also throw in some of her kickass creative works of poetry and prose (please?).  I’ve added the link to the sidebar on the right, but I’ll post it here, too:  http://www.wjhollenbeck.wordpress.com

Visit today and show Wendy some love.  You’ll probably wind up on the floor laughing until you’re stuck lying there thinking about the things she said. . .

Miss you, Wendy!