Ruth is my middle name, and I think it’s pretty darn appropriate for my personal blog.

Ruth, hanging out in the field, May 2009.

If you’re familiar with the biblical Book of Ruth, you might recall that Ruth became the companion of her mother-in-law, Naomi, after tragedy destroyed their way of life by claiming the lives of the men they loved. As Naomi’s companion, Ruth left her home in Moab to help Naomi return to her native land of Judah. I’m currently living in a new town, in a new home, with my own mother in the wake of my father’s death, and together, we’re putting together the shreds of our lives during a time of great transition.  When I started this blog, I was a twenty-two year old recent college grad looking for a job, a husband, and my life’s mission; and my mother was exploring her identity as a new widow.  Years later, my mother and I have both moved farther through the grieving process.  My dad wasn’t the passive kind of husband/father that is sadly so common in this generation–quite the opposite; I think you can guess that, even years after his death (d.o.d. Jan. 15, 2009) the loss we feel is still deep.

In the meantime, this blog offers readers what insight I gathered as I moved farther towards a career path, tried my hand in the dating game, and tried–and still try– to glean something meaningful and beautiful out of life in the wake of a devastating loss.

In late 2010, beautiful things began happening again, and in 2011, I got married to my Boaz.  The new take on the blog, relaunched after a newly-wedded blitz and many attempts at frittering some writing time into my life, will focus on what stands to be gained in a life that seems in many ways still shiny and new.  It’s like squinting at the sunrise after a long night.

Welcome to Ruth’s Gleanings!  Join me in the field.


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