Ruth (Hebrew for “kindness, compassion”) is the nom de plume and actual middle name of your blogstress. Her first name is Abigail (Hebrew for “Her father’s joy”).  Her father called her “Abbie,” and she was a daddy’s girl until her father died from cancer in January of 2009.  Her father was her second parent to be diagnosed with cancer; her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002, but is now a decade-plus survivor. Ruth has spent a lot of time being a little nurse throughout her youth.

She was born in the Midwest in February of 1987 (If you believe in astrology, she’s an Aquarius-falling, Pisces-rising, which means she’s got split-stellar-personalities). Her heritage is primarily Scots-Irish, Welsh, and Cherokee (Tsalagi!). Her hair is naturally curly, her eyes are a hectic heterochromatic hazel, and her skin is, according to an African-American friend, “really pasty-white, like a china doll.”  Ruth isn’t a tall girl, so she tends to stand on her toes and move around a lot to avoid getting stepped on by taller people.  When she moves, she dances:  she loves to tango, salsa, swing dance, and just generally get down with her saved-self.

When she’s not dancing, she’s singing (she studied opera), sewing clothes, cooking, or, most likely, reading or writing.  J.R. R. Tolkien, Jane Austen, C.S. Lewis, Ravi Zacharias, Thomas Harris, and Charlotte Brontë are the voices in her head that shape the way she narrates her own life story. All together, they’re not a bad crowd of influences, but they do tend to bicker a lot.* Ruth also reads a lot of Victorian-era poetry and some Postmodern stuff, just for kicks and inappropriate giggles.   To check out her bookshelf, visit the “Books Ruth is Reading” page link in the master bar above.

Aside from that, Ruth’s a pretty simple girl. She likes a good book. A chocolate bar. A cat on her lap. A stick of eyeliner. A glass of iced tea. A pretty boy to snuggle and tease.  The occasional splurge on a pair of cute shoes.  You know, life’s pleasures.  She enjoys being a girl.

At nearly twenty-two when she began this blog (she’s now twenty-seven (2014)), Ruth has been a nanny, a landscaper, a waitress, a college student, and a college news writer, a marketing intern; she’s currently a scholarship program coordinator and stewardship officer at a nonprofit Jesuit school, but she hopes to one day be a writer, wife, and mother. When she started this blog, she was looking for the right man, and hopes you enjoy her posts on dating.

At the point in 2010 when her blog dropped off, Ruth started dating the right man.  And in 2011, two years after starting the blog, she’s gotten married. Stay tuned for some episodes of Ruth–with Boaz, who is, like the Biblical Boaz, a harvester (i.e., he’s metaphorically so; as a seminarian, he’s a metaphorical gatherer of spirits of men).

Thanks for reading her blog!


*Charlotte Brontë and Jane Austen never did agree on how men, romance, and marriage should be handled; Thomas Harris is an agnostic/atheist who argues all the time with Ravi Zacharias, C. S. Lewis, and J.R.R. Tolkien. But Lewis, Tolkien, and Zacharias argue, too, even though they’re all Christians: Lewis is an Anglican who believes in a mono-theocentric pluralism (That is, God is ultimately the greatest of all gods and those who serve these gods in earnestness and a spirit of truth-seeking ultimately come to God), Ravi Zacharias is a non-denominationalist theist who disagrees a little with Lewis as to whether or not pagans get saved, and Tolkien is a Catholic who sometimes argues with the other two theologians.  It gets really, really confusing.


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  1. mltishner Says:

    Hey doll! Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award. The post about it goes live tomorrow so whenever you get a chance, check out the link!!! much love!!

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