Busy, busy, busy—and crazy, as  you can tell by the title, but:  Here’s an update.

Abbie is a bit more like Hobbes (tiger) than Calvin in this: when life dumps on her, she grabs an umbrella. Or runs inside. But God's working in the storm--and after it. So she's gotta stick this out.

So, the tiger-job-hunting thing?  It’s paying off. I have two interviews this week, which is about as much as I can cram in around work. The first one happened today, and I have a follow-up interview with the whole marketing/funding team next week. Tomorrow’s interview should be intensive, too.  Both of them are for marketing/event coordinating positions, and I know I wouldn’t have even gotten through the slushpile of applicants without my internship. So I’m grateful. And I’m grateful also for the networking that my friends and coworkers have done, which also opened a lot of doors and large windows.  Thank you!

Other stuff: My car had a little accident, and it’s costing me a lot of energy and funding to fix it.  I miss my dad and I miss having easy answers and I miss how my car used to look before the fender-bender.  I don’t know why such a relatively minor body/cosmetic issue with my car is beating me down at this moment, but I think it just feels huge because I’m out of my depth, and my mom’s out of her depth, and it just emphasizes the fact that we’re women living without a man in a man’s world.  I bet Ruth and Naomi had a similar experience while they were travelling and wished they knew some guy who gave a crap about what happened to them.

In other news: my romantic life is exploding.  Summer is dating season, apparently, and I feel like an absolute git for being almost too exhausted to enjoy it.  I do need a man in my life–and not just to fix my car–but I’m so stressed out about my big upheavals in career and transportation that I can’t really manage to find the extra ooomph at the end of my working days to go out and be va-va-va-voom with a guy who wants to go salsa dancing or rock-hopping or whatever else seems unisexically exciting.  I kinda miss the old concept of dating that involved relaxing and romancing, you know?  It’s the perfect time for it.*

*So, big hint to any guys who are reading this:  if you want to date a gal who is pulling her own weight at her job, looking for another job and actively stressing out over interviews, and recently had a car wreck, take it easy on her.  Go to her side of town (because her car’s a jalopy at this stage), find a place where you can talk and laugh for a few hours (not several, because then she’ll get over-tired and feel less than happy to see you), and feed her a little–I promise it will pay off.  Huge.