Quick post, for my girls (and what the heck, for my guys, too). I saw an article today and just had to do a happy dance (without a wedgie).  I long ago predicted that the boy-short panty, while a bit more modest than its so-popular miniscule predecessor, would come to rule; with that, I hoped that low-cut jeans and whale-tails would become (thankfully) extinct.  Turns out I was right on both counts—only because I’ve been noticing a trend towards modesty in this economy that lately, with the exception of Lady Gaga, women as a whole are now embracing.  Just thought I’d share the news about the death of the thong and the super-low rise jean:


What do you think? Will you miss the thong (butt-floss, t-strap, super-wedgie, slingshot)? Or do you prefer the “cheeky” shorts that leave a teensy bit more to the imagination and keep one covered when they slide above the hem of one’s low-rise jeans?  I for one think it’s a fashion-forward step, and it will help gals feel and look a lot more respectable.