Hi, folks. Sorry to leave you hanging. I’ll post part II of  “Capturing Castles” with its mind-bending conclusion about how God is good, if a bit late for our human tastes, soon.

Meantime, I wanted to throw out another shameless plug, this time for my friend Kari’s blog, http://worldrunner3.wordpress.com. Kari is a VERY recent college-grad (she’s younger than I am, but graduated early for her age) and  a newly-wed Marine officer’s wife. As you might guess, she’s madly in love with her new husband Kevin, but she’s also having to learn a lot about being married, being military, and, maybe toughest of all, being a post-grad, all in the span of a few months. Talk about life making one’s head spin.  If you’re a fan of romance and life’s rough spots, and if you like to read a thoughtful writer–and she is incredibly self-analytic and bright; I can assure you of that–you’ll love her blog. Go check it out.  And, please, tell her she needs to post pictures of her husband-candy while he’s in uniform. 🙂