It was a random day today: I wasn’t supposed to go to work, but I got called in anyway because of an emergency with our head server.  I managed to settle back in just in time to meet my mom somewhere for supper, and my writing circle for coffee, so I never got around to a nice, tight, organized blog post today.

But  . . . I did call back a date and gave honest feedback (because that became my policy after writing  the post “Throwing Like a Girl…”), gave my cats their flea medication, and did some laundry.  Oh, and earlier this week, I took my car in for maintenance and was able to offer my opinion on the state of my air filter, back tires, and struts. My poor daddy would have been proud of my knowledge, although I figure that’s  just the result of a daddy’s-girl’s habit of spending time with her dad while he was working on the family cars.  Maybe it’s also what happens when someone you love dies; you take in a portion of them for yourself to help fill the hole.  I have a little of his knowledge.  I have his chin and his ankles. I noticed, on my brother’s twenty-fifth birthday this month, that my brother is developing the same star-shaped fanning of smile lines around his eyes that my father had.  He also has Dad’s hands–broad-palmed, tough-tendoned, with untapered fingers.  Heck, he even chews a little on the skin around this thumbnails like Dad used to. Random, I know. But I noticed.  It’s in these little details that Dad still lives for us.  The rest of him is too far away to feel with any comforting immediacy (much like God himself these days.  Seriously.  Where is his influence in the world right now?).

I also read my friend’s writings today, and I watched some of the boob-tube for the first time this week. I just saw a preview for “Jennifer’s Body,” Megan Fox’s new horror-thriller-alien-porn-film.  And then I switched to Animal Planet. This random bit of poetry, which sounds a little like some of Tao Lin’s work, is what happened:

Wonder if Megan Fox feels

like those rare flatbellied lizards on TV

that are jumping and showing their

rainbow tummies

to fill their bellies with flies?