Short post for today:

I just got a carrot dangled in front of my nose this afternoon. A nice, juicy, get-a-job-at-a-publishing-company carrot.  I now have some hoops to jump through before any employment is agreed upon, so if I fail, I feel like it will be potentially devastating.  I might doubt myself and my skills even more than I already do!

Why are the nicest opportunities the ones that are hardest to bear when the dreams they inspire fail to come to fruition?

Pray, dear readers, for God’s will in this, and not mine. I am incredibly strong willed, so God will have to put a leash on me if this isn’t what he wants.   In fact, pray for some leashing and some leading

Yeah, just pray that God totes me along like a peevish chihuahua–on a choke-chain, if necessary.  He might even have to kick me a little bit, or slap me around some. If I’m really bad, he may need to resort to a spray bottle or a shock collar.

Oh, wow. Not to be blasphemous, but I think I just described my ideal spiritual role in this scenario as . . . acting as God’s bitch.

I think I just heard someone snicker.  My cat?

Nope, it was my guardian angel.  He’s coughing and flapping his wings to cover it up, but I’m not fooled.  He’s going to laugh about this with the other angels while I’m asleep. And then they’ll debate whether I actually sinned by using a play-on-a-curse-word in a faith-based blog post.  I’ll set up my ESP recording equipment tonight and let you all know what the verdict is on this one in the morning.